Phoenix BIOS upgarde?

By aaziz ·
I have HP Vectra with Intel 815 Motherboard. I upgrade my PC from 800Mhz to 1Ghz but its BIOS showing some sort of Error message to for the upgradation of BIOS. The current version of BIOS is Phoenix 4.0 Release 6.0. How i upgrade the current version of my pc's BIOS.
Plz help soon..
Thanx in advanc

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hp website

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Phoenix BIOS upgarde?

go to the hp website and bring up your pc specs.All the latest software for your pc is displayed.Download the lates bios version.Full instructions are given

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You may get by without needing to change anything

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Phoenix BIOS upgarde?

If I remember correctly the 815 M'Board s had CPU Jumper Settings or Switches for both the FSB and Multiplier so you may need to actually read your User Manual to see what needs changing.

If you really have an Intel M'Board and not just an Intel Chip Set M'Board there will be jumper settings that you need to change. If it' an Intel Chip Set M'Board there could be a line of switches in a blue block that set the Multiplier and some jumpers that set the Front Side Bus Speed that need altering, though generally speaking the FSB is set to Auto and all you need to change is the Multiplier.

If the setup is in BIOS the same thing applies as you'll need to leave the FSB alone at 133 MHZ and change the Multiplier to 7.5 that's if you have a 133 MHZ CPU which are the more common ones but there where some 100 MHZ 1 GIG available so the Multiplier should be set to 10 if that's the case.

Unless you moved from a Celeron to a P3 there will be nothing else to change but if you originally had a Celeron you'll need to change the L2 Cache size as the extra will not be recognised by the BIOS.

If you want to change the BIOS I would recommend buying a replacement BIOS Chip from here

This business offers an excellent service and you'll never have to worry about BIOS Flashing problems which do happen and can not be recovered from. If I'm working on any Mission Critical device I always replace the BIOS Chip instead of flashing it as it works out cheaper and faster than running the risk of a Bad BIOS Flash occurring.

Although right now isn't the ideal time to be ordering something like this as it will be delayed in the post.


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