Phone battery drains very quickly

By CarterUSM ·
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I own a Wileyfox Swift smartphone (Android OS). After a few issues which have now been resolved (primarily relating to the upgrade to the latest version of Android), the phone is now working without any problems, with the exception of battery usage.

I have found that even with the battery in power saving mode, it is drained within 2 days (and often less) of a full recharge. Having just checked the current battery status, it’s 59% charged but seemingly with only 3 hours’ usage left. This implies that for every hour the phone is on, the battery charge is reduced by 20%. Surely this is too high a rate – it implies that the memory will be drained after only 5 hours?

Some of the current settings are as follows:

Wifi on; Bluetooth on; Mobile data on; Mobile data not set; Location services on

Could this be a problem which is specific to my actual physical phone, or the brand? If not, are there any steps which I could take to reduce this drain on the battery (e.g. by removing any unnecessary apps, although as it is I don’t have that many installed)? For example, I understand that location services consume a considerable amount of power; is this correct?

Finally – is this rate of battery drainage normal, and only to be expected for most smartphones nowadays? If not, I may have to consider buying a less power-hungry model…..

Many thanks in anticipation of your help.

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Due to frequently change in Network

by ethanroot007 In reply to Phone battery drains very ...

Phone battery drains very quickly due to the following reasons.
1- Frequently change in network
2- DIsplay
3 - WIFI
4- Mobile Data

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Reply re network change

by CarterUSM In reply to Due to frequently change ...

Thank you for your reply to my query. I move between Cyprus and the UK 3 times a year, and change network on each occasion, but I wouldn't have thought this would be too frequent to affect performance?

Anyway, I’ve now changed the settings as follows: Bluetooth now off; have disabled Facebook, Skype, Trip Advisor, Yelp (all of which are relatively power-hungry); have adjusted Brightness to auto-adjust

Hopefully these amendments will have the desired effect.

The data usage report stats indicate that my issue is almost certainly with wifi app usage, rather than mobile app usage. For the period 9th October to 9th November inclusive, mobile usage was 8.16 MB, which was dwarfed by wifi usage of 181 MB.

Of the wifi usage, 110 MB was accounted for by Google Play, 53 MB by Chrome, 6 MB by Google Services, 3 MB by Android OS, 874 KB by Google Drive.

Regarding stopping the background apps – are there any which I should definitely not disable as they’re integral to the operation of the phone? (e.g. I understand it’s not a good idea to disable Google Play Services). Would it help further if I stopped some apps starting on bootup?

Once again, many thanks in anticipation of your help.

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battery save

by samgord In reply to Phone battery drains very ...

The best tip is to disable location services.

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Some tips to save mobile battery

by jenny1dcosta In reply to Phone battery drains very ...

There are some simple tips that you can follow.
1) Turn vibration off for notifications as vibrations need more power to get operated
2) Turn off Bluetooth, data and other connectives when not in use
3) Do not charge your phone overnight as it reduces battery life
4) Use cache clearing apps to clean up RAM and background Apps
There are quite number of tips that you can follow.
(Link removed by moderator)

Suggestion: If your phone battery drains very frequently even after following above tips then it is the time to replace the battery with a new (Original from brand) battery.

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Thank you

by John Cater In reply to Some tips to save mobile ...

Thanks buddy for sharing this information, but there is also one thing that you should not use mobile when its on charging and you have to charge the mobile phone by its original charger

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Battery drain

by joymerrymann In reply to Phone battery drains very ...

battery drain considerable when WiFi is on, mobile data is on. And also location services is on.

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by kylestinson9009 In reply to Phone battery drains very ...

Aside from all other tips mentioned above, the brightness of your phone screen may affect the battery levels too--in a huge way. Make sure it doesn't light up so bright whenever there's a notification or while on use.

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Phone battery drains very quickly

by nexmobileapps In reply to Phone battery drains very ...

If your phones keep killing the battery too fast, even a reboot the phone.
How can we fix the problem of android battery draining too fast? Here common tips to fix android battery drain to fast issue explain:
- Auto brightness off
- Uninstall the apps that draining battery use to see a list of all apps
- Turn off important notification

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by jamesmehraa In reply to Phone battery drains very ...

Understand how the phone actually works, let's take an example about us human, the more we do the physical task the more we get exhausted. Similarly, when you perform multiple tasks on the phone it gets drained. So, to avoid that you need to understand when and where you should the use following things:
1. Bluetooth
2. Mobile Data
3. Wifi
4. GPS
5. Brightness
6. Vibration
7. Use dark wallpapers instead on bright ones.

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Phone battery drains very quickly

by alexbarnes590 In reply to Phone battery drains very ...

Turn Down the Brightness. One of the easiest ways to prolong your battery life is to turn down the screen brightness.
It is really a great and useful piece of info. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us.

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