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By dsiverson ·
I want to record a teleconference that I receive on the phone onto my computer hard drive so I can save them on cd. Is this possible - if so what do I need to do it phone-wise and computer-wise

Thanks - Sharon

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it is very possible

by LordInfidel In reply to phone file

I can't go into specifics because of my job (like exact specifications and set-up).

But to be general, You would need a phone splitter that can take the phone signal and convert it into a signal that your sound card can handle.

And you need some sort of encoding software (The big three is Windows Media Encoder, Real Producer and QuickTime Authoring) There are also tools such as SoundForge.

Other than that, that is a specific as I can get.

(A quick tip though, phone lines straight to your sound card w/o adjustments to the quality *MAY/WILL* **** out your sound card- do with it what you may)

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Ouick one time shot., or ongoing.

by tbragsda In reply to phone file

I work mostly in the financial world, and recording calls is mandatory. The systems to Handel call centers and the like sound like overkill for what your asking, but they are out there. Look at Racal, NiceLog, and the likes.

If this is just a one off, or once a qtr etc, you can get a small device that hooks up inline with the handset of the phone. This leeds to a mic cbl. Connect this to your sound card and your set.

You can get the device from DynaMetric Inc 800 525-6925 or Hellodirect.

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Phone Tap

by TheChas In reply to phone file

You can get a device at Radio Shack that uses a suction cup to clip onto the phone.

Then, you need a mono to stereo adapter plug to connect the device to your sound cards line-in jack.

You could also get a voice modem, and simply connect it toyour sound card.

Many CD recorder software packages have programs to record sounds.
Then, you can compress the sounds into MP3 or WMA to save disk space.

CAUTION: In many places you are required to inform everyone that you record that you are / may be recording the conversation.

In the US, I believe it is a Federal crime to record a phone conversation without the other partys knowledge / permission.


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by tbragsda In reply to Phone Tap

Very good warning. We all should have made that warning fist!

You can inform the caller they are on a recorded line, or use a beep tone.

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Legalities of recording

by MC_User In reply to Phone Tap

I believe the laws on recording a phone conversation vary from state to state. In many states it is legal to record as long as one party know about the recording. (yourself) In other states it is necessary to inform both parties of the recording.Check out the web site for the The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press for a state by state guide.

You may also want to check out some freeware called MusicMatch that records directly to MP3 format. (PC Magazine editors choice)

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Another connection option

by TheChas In reply to phone file

I thought of another option to connect the phone to your sound card.

Use a seperate phone with a headset adapter plug.

You will need a special cable that seperates the speaker line from the microphone line, then plug the speaker line into the line-in jack of your sound card.


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by avidett In reply to phone file

1. you must have a device that displays a tone only if your state requires it.
2. Nice Systems are the simple way to do this phone tap, and include the tone in their software on the system.
3. You would connect cross-connect to the phone block, from there it would bridge to existing phone line.
4. You would run the cross connect to the server , ie Mirra, Wordnet or any other server you came up with.
5. Mirra's use DVD's to record, they can continue recording once dvd is full by switching tosecond dvd.
6. Wordnets have a dual 4.5 scsi hd setup or a 9.5 gig Scsi depending on the brand you buy, Series III's are web based.
7. Mirra's use a flash os on their bios, no setup really required.
8. Wordnets use OS2 for Series I & II , III uses 2k and is as I said web-based.

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