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Phone line DSL, AOL, Linksys B router

By Devinefv ·
Good morning. Here is what I am attempting:
I want to install a Linksys wireless b router make it work with my AOL, DSL [over the phone line] account/connection at home The Dsl modem being used is an Actiontech device. I have Internet access when the system is hooked directly to the modem [I just need to log on to AOL. When I install the \lynksys router the installation never makes fruiton. The connection is lost. Aol will not open. There is one red 10-100 cable involved. Is it still true that "RED" 10-100 cables have the wireing reversed, and will this impede the proper installation process? As listed in the category. This involes WinXP.
Any suggestions to help me set this up would be greatly appreciated!

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by Eminent87 In reply to Phone line DSL, AOL, Link ...

Your DSL service provider is AOL correct? I never had to deal with AOL dsl but I'm assuming it requires some time of log in (username and password). Is it using PPPOE? If so you will need to enter this information into the router first. If your wireless router has a 4 ports switch or an extra ethernet port I would suggest you test out the wire connection first before configuring the wireless settings. You can check your dsl connection status by using the Linksys web interface, under "Status".

The cross-over cables are usually used for connecting computer to computer or switch to switch; in your situation a regular cable will do. The color of the cable varies but you can check to see if the cable to see which one you have. Regular cable (straight-thru cable) have identical ends and crossover cable have different ends. Hope this helps!

If you still can't get it to work then reply and I'll assist you further.

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by Devinefv In reply to

Thank you! Your answer/comments gave me the clues I needed to continue, and successfully complete the task.

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by TheChas In reply to Phone line DSL, AOL, Link ...

I assume that the router has a connector labeled WAN.

If so, you connect a NORMAL network cable between the DSL modem and the router.

You then need to follow the instructions in the router manual and set up your connection.

If you still have problems, I suggest that you go ahead and contact Linksys tech support.
There are setting quirks for some DSL modems and ISPs. Linksys tech support is very helpful and knowledgeable.


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by Devinefv In reply to

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by Devinefv In reply to Phone line DSL, AOL, Link ...

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