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Phone Lines Out of Cat5e

By amy.macgregor ·
Hiya all,

Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to making a phone line out of cat5e cable.

and do you know of any diagrams, i have no problems making patch or crossover cables. Just never made a phone line before. Thanks in advance :)

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Some info

by Salamander In reply to Phone Lines Out of Cat5e

This may help you out:

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how will you crimp it into an RJ-11 connector?

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Some info

Good luck trying to shove a CAT5e cable into a small RJ-11 connector, let alone crimping it, because they are too thick to begin with

telephone cables if you haven't noticed are flat and contain less copper wires than twisted pair ethernet cable, thus being able to squeeze into an RJ-11 or RJ-12 connector

why do you want to use CAT5e cable for phone anyway, which I assume you mean analog, not digital VoIP?

what do you stand to gain from using CAT5e cable over the standard flat cable used for analog phones?

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I wouldn't

by Salamander In reply to how will you crimp it int ...

I agree that I wouldn't want to be trying to crimp Cat5e into an RJ-11 connector. For patch cable runs from the interior wall plate to the phone, I would certainly use standard phone cable. It's cheap and much more flexible.

For some background for the original poster for general phone wiring from the network interface device to the wall plate, here's the following link. It's a little dated, but interesting info about what goes on behind the wall with using additional wire pairs for a second phone line:

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Baluns ??

by Skidoggeruk In reply to Phone Lines Out of Cat5e


I frequently use structured cabling to deliver phones and data. The only thing is, I terminate at phones with these little thingies that paople call baluns. They simply convert with a cat5 male into the wall socket and a female "BT" type socket on the phone end. This allows me to stick everything through one patch panel, different colour patch cables for maintaining sanity. Data goes into switch and phone patch goes into the phone switch or a seperate patch panel. Would have thought that something like this would be available to accomodate US(RJ11)or other telphone fittings as well. Would think it would be cheaper than your time. And I agree with the other guy, you would have a heck of a time getting it to crimp the sleeve as well.

Good Luck

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I have done it many time

by IT_Lobo In reply to Phone Lines Out of Cat5e

I use Cat5e for out digital phone system all the time. This way I only have to run 1 cable for ever 4 phone connections (digital only use 2 of the wires). Crimping is easy, all you have to do is expose about 2in of the wires and just crimp the 2 wires you need and not the shielding. If you are using cat5e for just one connection all you have to do is expose about 2in of the wires, pull the shielding down and cut the wires you don't need, slide the shielding backup and slide it in to the RJ11 jack (you might have to trim the shielding) and crimp it down.

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Good info

by Salamander In reply to I have done it many time

Thanks for the description.

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How to use 1 cat5e for 4 phones lines

by IT_Lobo In reply to Good info

If you are using a digital phone system you can run 1 cat5e cable for every 4 phone lines (wow thats how many are on my wall jacks).

One end of the cable must be connected to your phone system blocks. You MUST have some knowlegde of your phone system to do this part so I will not go into detail about it. Run the cable to your wall jack, making sure you have enough extra cable (about 1 to 1 1/2 feet). Peel the sheilding back about 6in, punch down one pair of wires ( I would recommend using the same color, ie: B & B/W) into the the very end of a Keystone jack and insert the keystone jack in to the wall jack. Repeat for the next 3 sets on wire. Now you can use shorter lenghts of Cat5e or phone cable.

If you don't work on your phone system most of this will no make since, but believe me this can save you alot of money and time.

Any questions on Toshiba phone systems or general questions on phone systems drop me an email:

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Telecom cabling no no 101

by Oz_Media In reply to I have done it many time

That's rule #1 in telecom cabling. Never share a split CAT5. But I've seen companies do it all the time, the telco hates you for it and cable replacement is ecpensive and not time effective.

But I've seen so many companies do it, for a few years anyway. The IT guy leaves, the ohone company comes by, they void your warranty and charge you to recable the entire building and it gets worsem seen some really expensive horror stories when companies get their bills.
It is common with Tosh though, they are generally the companies fuelled by initial investment cost.

I gave up doing it after a few years working for Toshiba, not worth it for all the fix it work I had to do. The chepo clients droove me nuts and always wanted to cut corners, just not my style, with phones, cars computers or anything i do fo rthat matter. I'm one of those do it once and do it right guys myself.

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A toshiba tech showed

by IT_Lobo In reply to Telecom cabling no no 101

me how to do it.

I see no problem with it and neither does my toshiba tech. You just can't stand it when someone finds a faster better way of doing something. You just have to pick apart everyones opinions and ways of doing thing.

You may think you know better, but most of us here know you are full of $hit.

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What a sweet comment

by Oz_Media In reply to A toshiba tech showed

I can't stand it when people find a quicker way?

I was using Cat5 for phone cabling years ago, until I saw the horror stories when working with another telco.

I don't care what the **** you do with your investment, you are so wrongin your assumption. It's YOUR money, I was just offering straight advice based on personal experience, workign for Toshiba AND a company that fixes the cabling later on.

Didn't you run away in a hissy fit once already on the other thread?

Note: some mroe advice for your benefit.

You used your complete email address in the post above. You should break it up using an AT instead of @ (or something like that).

TR is known for being spidered by spam bots, they pickup on any full email addresses found in posts and build lists to be spammed or sold for spam.

You're welcome.

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