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Phone network outage

By NexS ·
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Don't know how many of you Aussies out there know of it, but it's been an interesting day here on the east side of melbourne.

The Telstra phone exchange dieed in one of the towns here this morning, causing a major percentage of the towns to be without landline phone coverage. For a few hours we were also without internet - which means no WAN links, no cross domain data transfer, no VPN.
Each of our sites were stranded.

All in all, it's been a quiet day on the regional support front!

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Phone network outage

I'm not sure if it happened or not today but it was suggested that today 22-6-2011 was the day that Telstra was to sing the deal to sell their Copper network to the NBN for decommissioning.

I wonder if we need the NBN a lot sooner that it will be available.

Col :^0

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Turned out

by NexS In reply to Interesting

That it was due to a generator failure... or so they say

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I didn't notice anything,

by .Martin. In reply to Phone network outage

but that's because my only Telstra service is my mobile. everything else is Optus.

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Regardless of the 'service' provider

by NexS In reply to I didn't notice anything,

Telstra still owns all (or damn near all) the infratructure.

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