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phone & pc

By jvchuta ·
use my computer to use my home phone line to make a phone call.

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Dog and cat

by Oz_Media In reply to phone & pc

use my dog to chase cat around my home

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Cat and dog

by jdclyde In reply to Dog and cat

use my cat to chase dog around my house


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mouse and cursor

by Absolutely In reply to Cat and dog

Use my mouse to point cursor at stupid question and 'report as spam'.

Still practicing, I apologize if my aim is imperfect.

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by Oz_Media In reply to mouse and cursor

I read the initial post yesterday and it made absolutely NO sense at all, so I posted nonsense.

Reading the other posts here, I was not alone, hilarious!

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I know

by Absolutely In reply to This is REALLY REALLY SAD

That's why I reported my own post as spam along with the 3 before it!

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by Oz_Media In reply to I know

Having your morning coffee while surfing TR $1.25

Eating a burger while surfing TR at lunch time, $6.00

Reporting your own post as spam, PRICELESS!

Well done!!

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cursing mouse

by DadsPad In reply to mouse and cursor

Very good for those spam subjects.

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Cats and Birds

by Tig2 In reply to phone & pc

Use my cat to watch birds on the feeder.

Use my cat to terrify mice too!

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Use my toothbrush to brush my teeth so my teeth stay healthy....

by Big Ole Jack In reply to phone & pc

and I can use them to chew solid food instead of liquid food so that I can enjoy eating more food so that it can be converted into energy so that I can live so that I can continue contributing to this website so that people like you can come no and ask such stupid stuff

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Seeing as how this is one of "those" threads

by OnTheRopes In reply to Use my toothbrush to brus ...

Check out this two minute long video about teeth. I found it yesterday and have yet to try it. No mints.

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