Phone Server drops ? Joe is here!!!

By avtopilot ·
I?ve been having an issue with my Phone Server for quite some time. Every day when one user comes in morning on the network he boots out my Phone Server. It almost become like a little ritual. Phone Server drops ? Joe is here!!!

In the logs of the Phone Server I can see that when it was down it had IP conflict with Joe?s mac address.

Here the troubleshooting steps that I?ve done so far:

1. First of all I have to mention that Phone Server is outside of DHCP pool and I can?t create exclusion for it.
2. User does not have a static IP address assign to his machine
3. I reinstall the driver for his wifi network card
4. I?ve checked if he has Internet Sharing disabled on his network card
5. I have created a reservation on DHCP for the Phone Server and specified Phone Server Mac address

I?m running out of solutions. Any suggestions are welcome?


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Phone server:

by robo_dev In reply to Phone Server drops ? Joe ...

1) assign it a static ip address.

2) put it on it's own vlan, or put this guy joe on his own vlan.

What kind of phone server is this? What OS does it run?

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Re: Phone Server drops ? Joe is here!!!

by avtopilot In reply to Phone Server drops ? Joe ...

It turns out Joe had the same range at his home network and router for some reason was giving him the same IP over and over which happen to be Phone Server on the office network. When Joe was coming to the office, his laptop was trying to get the same IP. Issue got resolved when I changed his home IP range and rebooted his router.

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Wow! Home delivery!

by TobiF In reply to Re: Phone Server drops ? ...

That's really good IT support, who will even make house calls.

But: Brilliant of you to find the root!

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