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By ccthompson ·
Hello all,

I am moving into a new building soon, and I am looking around for phone service. My top two choices are Verizon and Choice One.

Verizon is what it is, top notice service, but for a little higher price. Reliable.

However Choice One, they offer a better price, I have heard they are not as reliable, tech support isnt great, and just overall bad news. But I think this all happened when the company was just starting out.

Does anyone here have any comments about either vendor? Pros, Cons, or just straight out bad stories!

Im located in PA, alot of you may not even know who Choice One is I guess, so i thought I would throw that in.

Thanks for any input!

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seems to depend...

by shiny_topadm In reply to Phone Service Solution

Hi, we're also in PA, although near Harrisburg, so we're not serviced by the same offices as you... Locally, I would pick Choice One over Verizon, verizon's service here is mostly subcontracted out, they've lost whatever "superiority edge" that they used to have, although as the incumbent carrier, they do own the most lines. Choice One seems to have very competitive product offerings, esp. if you can make use of some of their bundled services. Just for reference, we have considered both of these vendors before and are currently a customer of neither (!). IMO, the best way is to ask for local business references and talk to them.
good luck, ---Will

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