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    Phone System


    by barr ·

    Hi there,

    We are an ISP that server 500 non-profit institutions around our state. Our tech support is composed of 4 employees who answer the phones. They answer the phones on a rotation basis so that everyday there are at least 2 people on the phone. We have two cordless phones and two analog lines. When the first phone is busy, the calls are forwarded to the second phone.
    We also have a pager that goes off if there is a voice message in the first phone, so that a third person can get to the problem right away.
    We are outgrowing this system. Not only because of the volume of calls, but because there are problems with the cordless phones (with a headset, people can’t hear us, difficul to manage, etc)
    I am starting to look at alternatives. My boss tells me that if I am to change this for Tech Support, I should take the whole office into consideration. When I told him I was looking into an ISDN phone sytem, he said we could explore voice over IP, and that ISDN is old technology. Do something cool, he said.
    What do you all have and what are the good and bads about your phone system?

    Thank you so much for your comments

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      by jeffreyg ·

      In reply to Phone System

      It would seem to me that the only real benifit of going VOIP would be if you were connecting multiple sites and from your comment I saw nothing of more than one site. Using VOIP for your ‘networked’ WAN, or extensive LAN can be benificial with centralized administration, lack of long distance, and several other things that at least at this point wouldn’t effect you. What does your future and growth hold? Will you ever really benifit from it, maybe in 5 years? And even with that, technology willchange considerably in 5 years. As will price.

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        Less is More

        by dennis_merola ·

        In reply to phones

        Sounds to me that you need to follow the old KISS principle….”KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID”.

        You say you provide help desk support for an ISP that provides service to non profit organizations.

        That tells me that you have a small budget!

        If that is the case, and youre looking to do it all on the cheap…Id look at a small, used, electronic key system….maybe a Panasonic system that will handle all the capacity you would need plus provide some ACD functionality and voice mail storage.
        The phone sets work well with Plantronics wireless headsets as well as the hard wired versions.

        Look in some of the telecom magazines and you will find advertisements from companies that deal in used phone systems.

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