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By ip_fresh ·
I need some help finding an appropriate phone system for the office.

The phone system needs to have the following features and capabilities and price is not a option right now. We just need everything to work. The system is only a 3 line system right now and one of which is a fax. I know a new line willl be added soon for myself once I get out of product training and more lines are without a doubt going to be inevitable. Maybe all the way up to eight lines in the future and when we go past that, I will research deeper the VOIP options.


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ShoreTel 530 Phone System

by flower1h In reply to Phone

Does anyone have any information about ShoreTel 530 phone system? If you know anyone who uses ShoreTel 530 phone system i would like to have their feedback. I am in the process of changing our phone system and would like to know more about this system so I would appreciate your feedback.



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by michael.tamony In reply to ShoreTel 530 Phone System

I work for a Cisco re-seller called Global CTI. We just changed to become a ShoreTel re-seller and there are a lot of happy people using the system. I think a lot depends on number of users. Email me if you want mtamony@gcti dot com

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RE: ShoreTel IP Phone System

by pdempsey In reply to ShoreTel 530 Phone System


I can help you in your search for understanding about the
ShoreTel IP phone system. I have many satisfied
customers that are using the ShoreTel system in many
different industries.

Our company has many ShoreTel implementations
throughout the U.S. and in 6 International locations. We
are headquartered on the West Coast in the Southern
California area.

Give me a call if you have not made a decision and we can
discuss your needs and answer any questions you have.

Patrick Dempsey, Senior Sales Consultant
Voice Smart Networks
805-677-7321 Press '1' to Find Me

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It sounds to me

by Tig2 In reply to Phone

That a smaller Avaya system is what you are looking for. They have a tendency to scale well and are easy to administer.

Any good rep should be able to make refurb options available as well, just ask.

Good luck!

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Phone System Suggestion

by tony In reply to Phone

You didn't say how many users your company has. I suggest that if you plan on going to VOIP in the next 2 years that you do it now. You will spend about 8 to 10 thousand dollars on a small analog PBX and that will be useless to you if you want to go VOIP in the near future. I use and have been managing a ShoreTel VOIP system for 2 years. I really like the system and what it can do. We have over 300 phones and 7 sites all running on one server. We have fiber backbone to each location and back again. The system is solid and easy to configure. I really suggest going with a VOIP system before a analog if your company plans on growning over 50 users.

Good luck to ya.

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