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    Photo and file hosting, a NAS on the DMZ


    by kempynz ·

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    I run a very small club discussion board for fixing old electronic gear and several of the users need to host photos on the site for discussion.
    Most of our patronage is over 75yrs old and just trying to get them online is challenging at best, they’re really a bit overwhelmed trying to upload to photobucket etc..

    I was contemplating putting a small NAS on the DMZ side of a connection I have access to. which has a static IP , this is probably a stupid idea so I was looking at a bit of guidance to how best to do this without making it an easy target for exploitation.

    Q2 would be, if this is an ok solution, Are there affordable NAS’s out there that would be suitable for this?

    The next part of the question is how best to the user login into a type of (I’m guessing) FTP service with multiple accounts, the hope was that their user login could somehow link to the NAS and they could upload their photos as part of the post. If that was too hard and expensive I might just need to issue FTP or similar type logins for both platforms.

    As you can probably tell I’m way out of my depth and this is just in the Idea stage, but if anyone is willing to put me in on the right track it would be appreciated

    Thanks in advance.

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