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    Photo Backup

    by zapmore ·



    I have a huge amount of family photos and videos that I want to backup, but having a hard time finding the best solution for me.

    What I have:
    – currently approx 200Gb of photos and videos but it is gradually increasing
    – I currently have a windows computer on 24/7 in which I have a partition just for photos and videos

    What I want:
    – I want a cloud backup of all my photos and videos that is synced with my backup on the windows computer
    – I want to be able to auto backup photos and videos from both android and iPhone to both destinations (or one of them which itself sync with the other)
    – Preferably an Cloud solution that also makes it possible to arrange photos, videos and make them viewable.
    – We are 4 people in the family and all photos and videos should be backuped up from all our devices in the same location and reachable bu us all, but in separate folders

    I’ve been looking for a solution but doesn’t seem to find any. Google Drive is closest of what I could find out. but you could only share with one other person.

    Anyone who can direct me in the right direction?

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      Multiple user cloud access

      by bamy3012 ·

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      Hi , i can suggest you something with your problem Since you are already using Google Drive you are already half way in solving this. With same drive you can share with multiple users as well now the question is how here is the process – each user will need to have their Google account, login with their email address (since you are sharing it with your family you can use the same password ) Then using one of the accounts (the master/administrator/owner account), create the folders and files you want, and then share these folders and/or files with the other users. Each of the other users can log in to their perspective “Shared with me” folder in Google Drive and select each shared folder and/or files, and right-click and select “Add to My Drive” Now they are all sharing, syncing and collaborating the same files.

      Pro Tip-organize all your photos & videos folder wise if at a later time you want to stop sharing with a person, you just need to edit the share settings on the one folder, vs each individual file.

      This will work for phones & system both for automatic backup use google takeout. Also keep a backup in hard drive as well for just in case purposes.

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        thx for input

        by zapmore ·

        In reply to Multiple user cloud access

        Thank you for the input.
        I’ve set upp google photos on each device that backup the cameraroll. But since Google have severed the connection between google photos and google drive, AND that you can only share your google photo with one other person, there is still a problem.

        Is there anyway to backup the cameraroll to google drive independently?

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