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By Sprocket ·
We take a lot of digital photos and edit them in many ways. The process that annoys me is making sure the image is the correct size to fit on the paper when developed by outside companies like Kodak, with out lossing any of the photo by mistake or getting white borders.

Is there any software out there for the desktop that makes resizing photos easier to fit on the right size, i.e 6x4.

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by TheChas In reply to Photo Development

Most image editing packages have the ability to set image size.

Depending on the specific software, there may be options for both image and canvas size. Make sure that both are the size you want the image printed at.

Another possible source of your problem may be image density. You may need to adjust the resolution (DPI) of the image to match the printing resolution.

Every commercial image editor I have used has tools to adjust image size. If your's does not, there are commercial and free-ware packages that do.

For free-ware, check out the image tools posted at:


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by Sprocket In reply to

I realise this and use the resize feature in photo packages.

What i am after is something that allows you to select the size of photo you wish to develop and shows you what you will lose in a photo and crops it to the right ratio for developing in 6x4, 7x6 etc.

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by WebWatcher In reply to Photo Development

You might want to try the Gnu Image Manipulation Program ( It is very powerful but comes with an equivalent learning curve.
It is also free.
On-line resources are available for your specific query at:
Check "2.6.2 Resizing and Scaling".

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by TheChas In reply to Photo Development

I might be confused here.

Do you still have problems with images being printed the wrong size after you have resized them?

If so, there might be a problem with the meta-tags, or the canvas size.

Have you tried talking with your Kodak or your other outside companies as to what they suggest you need to do?

Here are links to 3 free-ware packages that might be what you are looking for:

If I am running off in the wrong direction, let me know and I will adjust what I am looking for.


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by Sprocket In reply to Photo Development

If a picture is taken at 3 Mega Pixels, the size ratio of the photo will not fit onto a 6x4 photo without either being cropped, having a border at the edge or loosing some photo.

I am looking for a fast and simple way to crop photos to the right scale to develop.

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by steven_n_loy In reply to Photo Development

I just give a specific software that I use everyday. Adobe Photoshop is the best software that I use for editing and doing everything on the picture. If you want to have a specific size you can go to: Image menu -> Image Size -> Document Size then you can select the size as you want. Do not check Constrain Proportions if you want to set both size of the picture. It is a good Software you should invest to buy or you can download a tryout version here

Good luck!

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by Sprocket In reply to Photo Development

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