photo setup

By stonewallco ·
You do a great job with teardowns and the photos have very good resolution and lighting. What is your or the labs setup?

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Accidentally, you started an unrelated thread

by TobiF In reply to photo setup

The two buttons "Start a discussion" and "Ask a question" will start <b>new, unrelated</b> threads in the forum.

If you want to comment on something you're reading, then best is to use the "Comment" or "Reply" functions <b>below</b> the article or post you're reading.

Next best, is to <b>link back</b> to the original location (just post a url), so that the people reading your post at least will be able to understand <i>what</i> you're referring to.

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Inadvertantly, or, by sloven habit

by santeewelding In reply to Accidentally, you started ...

I would suppose, since I have no "in" to your mental processes, you have done precisely the same with your use of, "accidentally". You have told us all that you are privy to those very internal processes of the poster.

Happens here a lot, specially in Discussions. I am surprised when it does, too, in the uber-technical Questions side.

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Thanks. Learning English every day.

by TobiF In reply to Inadvertantly, or, by slo ...

After all, I regard it my third language, after Swedish and Russian.

(BTW, on the snarky side, do I spell it Inadvertantly or Inadvertently? :) )

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Learning English every day

by santeewelding In reply to Thanks. Learning English ...

Got me.

So do I.

The quirk of all this, for me, is that Spell-Check does not work in the title; only, in the body (the little box wherein I write my text in typewriter-style). I don't transfer from Word, WordPad, or some such.

In my first few years here I refused Spell-Check as a check on my spelling competence. I would have none of it. Discipline, I suppose, much like my longstanding aversion to using italics, and the rest. I figured if I couldn't say it with well-wrought plain text, I had no business speaking.

I used "sloven", not to slam you, but as a recognition of my own sloth.

Critical add: what's going on here has nothing to do with English. The subject of my contention with your, "accidental", has to do with how we are. How we are had better be common to all languages, else we're fu*ked.

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I'm still happy

by TobiF In reply to Learning English every da ...

I strive to write concise and clear language.

A spell checker may sometimes help me to spot situations, where individual letters have wandered about, and sometimes it may even indicate that I have use a transitive verb without object. But it will never help me expressing myself clearly. (And sometimes it will try to sway me away from the correct spelling of some unusual names and abbreviations...)

So, thank you for telling me this.

Now we can go ahead writing other posts. And, yes, I know that both of us, occasionally, indulge in purposefully incorrect language (although that was not my intention higher up in this thread :) )

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It's a polite fiction.

by seanferd In reply to Inadvertantly, or, by slo ...

An offering of an out, after a fashion.

Different yet similar: "Sir seems to have mislaid sir's post."

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