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By hjlevy2 ·
Can anyone suggest a good software program for puttting JPEGs onto a DVD with some motion and/or animation?

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Here are a few...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to photo shows

The easiest one (and my favorite) for creating photo shows with JPGs using animation and transition effects along with the capability for a sound track and added text is MS Photo Story 3:
It's free... all you need is a valid copy of Windows.

There are many retail or shareware products available as well.
Here are a few I have used and recommend.
ArcSoft DVD SlideShow.
Roxio StoryBoard (part of Roxio Easy Media Creator).

I hope this helps.

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burning DVDs

by hjlevy2 In reply to Here are a few...

I like the MS program but wondered if I could impose on you to walk me through the burn proceedure. I'm using XP Pro as the O/S on a Think Pad X40 with an external Memorex DVD burner.
Many thanks,

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Here is some more info...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to burning DVDs

In case you need help with Photo Story 3, here is a tutorial:

Follow those steps to create the video and save it as a WMV file.

From there, you'll need a program to burn it to a DVD so it will play on all DVD players.

An easy to use freeware product I like is Sothink Movie DVD Maker:

Another free DVD authoring utility I recommend is DVD Flick - however, the current version is not capable of converting WMV files. So, you would have to add an additional step and use a converter program to convert the WMV file to an AVI. But You may still want to use it in the future.

Just in case you need it, here is a good free program that will convert WMV to AVI as well as many other video formats.
SC Free Video Converter
note: I recommend you uncheck 'Install Pando' during the installation so Pando does NOT get installed.

With Sothink Movie DVD Maker, no additional converter is needed.

There are also many retail and shareware products available that will burn a video file to a DVD for viewing on almost any DVD player (The most well known come from Roxio, Ulead and Pinnacle).

I hope this helps.

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one more thing

by hjlevy2 In reply to Here is some more info...

You've been most helpful and I really do appreciate the time you spent, and if you'll help me with one more thing I promise to go away and leave you alone. The DVDs I burned play on my computer, but not on my DVD player. The manual for the DVD player (a new Sony top of the line) says it will play DVD-Rs "recorded in the following format: MP3 audio tracks and JPEG image files of format conforming to UDF (Universal Disk Format)."
Do you know what that means and can I solve the problem?
Thanks again,

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Good Question

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to one more thing

No problem. Glad to help.

But your question it is one probably best posed to the seller or better yet, the manufacturer of the DVD player. You probably should visit their support web site and send them an email or call on their toll-free number if they offer one.

The most widely recognized DVD format is DVD-R. DVD players designed to play DVD discs through a TV will typically all be able to read DVD-R discs and some can use DVD+R discs, but DVD-RW or DVD+RW discs will not work in such players. Those re-writable formats are for use in a computer system drive only. The disc format will be listed on the package the recordable DVD came in and will also typically be imprinted on the DVD itself. Evidently, your player requires the DVD-R format, therefore, the blank disc you use will need to be of that type.

Are you saying that when you followed the steps as outlined in the tutorial, using a DVD-R disc and using Sothink Movie DVD Maker to burn the disc, it didn't work?

I've never had any problem recording DVDs using that procedure and I even typically use the DVD+R. But you should use a disc format based on the information you find in the players user guide.

Here's a quick link to Sony technical support for DVD players:

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