photofast cr-5400 won't format for psp

By haxdnoob ·
i got a 16 GB Micro SDHC card, and the mentioned adapter in the subject; i put it in the adapter in slot 1, and i put it in my psp to format

naturally, it tries to format but it says there is either no mem stick, or it says "format failed" (80220087)

also, when i put it in, strange enough, it says there is 14 GB of PSP memory left (it isn't formatted at that time, or is it?), and i can usually use it like it is if it was formatted, but there was a difference between my 1 GB card, and the impromptu card

my 1 GB card had these file filders named PSP, VIDEO, BOOK, and so on and so on

but my photofast 16 GB card (i have a 16 GB Micro SDHC card [sandisk brand] ) doesn't have ANY folders on it

also, if it helps by any means, i got the adapter on ebay; it said it was new

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I would test the card in a PC

by robo_dev In reply to photofast cr-5400 won't f ...

If the PC can format and read it, then it's not a fake, most likely. If not, then I hope you paid with PayPal.

Some of the memory-stick to SDHC adapters only allow a maximum of 8GB. A lot depends on the exact PSP model.

If the folders don't show up, I would guess that the file system is corrupt on the device.

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by haxdnoob In reply to I would test the card in ...

i just got my 2nd micro SDHC card (16 GB) in, and i have tested it in one slot, and it didn't work, so i switched the slots and they worked; it now says it has 29 GB of space in it, but i still can't psp format it

is there some kind of software that can format a mem stick to be psp compatable that can be used on a pc

i mean is there a pc program that can format a memory stick pro duo or something of the like to be psp usable

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??? wha....

by haxdnoob In reply to UPDATE!!!

i racked my brain on figuring this out, but even though it says magic gate unknown, i thought it wouldn't work, but it did

im done with this question, as if i try to figure out how this works, im probably going to get a complicated answer that ill get a headache over

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Sorry for chiming in late with some thoughts

by TobiF In reply to ??? wha....

If you sometime gets a chance to borrow an unused card for 8 GB, then you could try to format it, as a way to check if your combination has issues with too large cards.

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by haxdnoob In reply to Sorry for chiming in late ...

alright then, my bro has a 4 GB micro sdhc card, so when i get the chance, ill see if it has any data on it, then ill test it on my adapter to see if there is an issue with it

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