Photos damage themself after any action

By pita_ruben ·
Hello guys, hope you are OK.

One of my VIP users have a couple of his photo folders that after any action that you make with any photo in this folder, the image preview disappears and the file size change to 6k and the image become damaged inexplicably.

This happen by virtually any action, opening the photo, by making a right click, by positioning the cursor over the photo for few seconds, etc.

This only happen this particular folders because the rest of thousand of images in the computer dont present this issue.

All the pictures are in the local drive of the computer.

We scanned the computer with Symantec Client Security Corp. Edition,scan engine **.1.9.10, Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes last ver.

Computer = Lenovo X61
OS = Windows XP SP3
Antivirus = Symantec Client Security Corp. Edition,scan engine **.1.9.10.
Camera = Nikon D60

Thank you so much in advance.


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How exactly does this folder become populated ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Photos damage themself af ...

"This happen by virtually any action, opening the photo.." - so is the photo damaged the very first time you SEE it, or only the second time? What I mean is, how do you know the image wasn't always damaged?

If it's only happening to images inside this folder - what IS this folder?

Where are the images coming from that end up in this particular folder (if there are thousands of others that are NOT in this folder)?

Which program is populating this problem folder?

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From the Nikon D60

by pita_ruben In reply to How exactly does this fol ...

Hi Older,

1. Because when you open the folder you see the native windows image preview of the photos with the normal size and after any action the preview disappears and the sized is re-sized.

2. In fact this is happening to 3 or 4 sub-folders inside "My Pictures" folder in My Documents, apparently from the same batch of pictures.

3. Only these particular photos were taken and uploaded with the Nikon D60 camera, the others came from a different camera I have been informed now.

4. The user manage the pictures with Microsoft Picture Manager.

Thank you so much for your support.


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So, it is only the loaded image which corrupts?

by seanferd In reply to From the Nikon D60

It isn't actually destroying the files themselves, correct?

I would suggest a couple things.

Use a different image viewer.

Make sure the system has enough RAM to properly display these (possibly extremely large) image files.

Make sure there are no video files in the same folder, and that video files folders are never set to show thumbnails.

Check to see if the image files (what filetype are they?*) from the Nikon do not require a particular codec or something for viewing.

Has the user tried (or installed at all) the Nikon software that comes with the camera?

* Compressed 12-bit NEF (RAW) may mess with MS image software

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