photos/zoombrowser program gone suddenly

By conniemarkovich ·
I have tried to go back to last known good configuration but can't retrieve what I need. What makes an entire program like Zoombrowser, suddenly go away and how can I access all my photos that were stored via zoombrowser?

I also now can only access programs via task manager as I get the blue screen after I log in.

I purchased a new computer and now just want to somehow retrieve, back-up to external drive and transfer all my photos. Any ideas, anybody?

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re: zoombrowser

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to photos/zoombrowser progra ...

Zoombrowser never has worked reliably and crashes quite frequently. Always has and probably always will. It does so when a certain number of photos (I forget how many) fills it up and it looses track of where it put its database. To fix it, you need to uninstall and reinstall it. You won't loose your photos. And, it WILL fail again later, so get used to the process so you can do it again and again, especially if you have Vista and you're using an old version of zoombrowser.

Your photo's are stored on the hard drive. So, even if zoombrowser doesn't work, you can still get ahold of them and move them once you get the system back up and running.

Unfortunately, now that you've returned to a previously known "good configuration" and gotten the computer all confused (blue screen at login), you'll need to repair/reinstall Windows over the top of itself. Then, if it were me and being a new computer, I would copy my important files (photos/letters/email/etc...) off to a CD/DVD/Thumb Drive and use the manufacturer's recovery CD to set the computer back to the way it was when you bought it. If you don't, the troubles you've already had will nag you later with little things that don't work right.

If you choose not to wipe and start over, you'll need to reinstall all software from the original disks which will reset the pointers in the registry and return the start menu/shortcut functionality.

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