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Photoshop cutting out backgrounds

By bldsm ·
I have a copy of Photoshop CS2 but this applies to any Photoshop version. I took a photo of a book laid open on a black background and I am trying to clean cut it out but the edge of the book blends (under close magnification) into the black background making it difficult to cut out.

The hardest thing is trying to move the mouse or the pentab diagnolly down the mousepad or pentablet without sudden movements sideways which cut into the image.

Could you please describe the steps I need to take to clean cut this book out and ways to avoid the problem I highlighted (moving the mouse diagnolly (with in this case the erase brush tool).


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Photoshop cutting out bac ...

Sorry there is no easy answer here.

The higher resolution of the camera Digital I'm supposing here the better the outline will be but even then there will be some bleeding between the page & the background. The easiest way is not to use any magnification to do the cut as it only makes it harder to see exactly where the page ends and the background begins. If you can fit to the Page or screen then you should find it easier to do a cut & paste or copy although you may find that if you have several pages to do like this they can come out as slightly different sizes.

I don't know if that is important but if it is you can always use the Fit To Page Option when printing so that they end up the same size and only a slight difference in text size.


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by Garret` In reply to Photoshop cutting out bac ...

Have you tried using the magic wand tool to select the book?

This tool makes selections based on colours.

Click the black background. If the tool doesn't select all the black, or actually selects some of the book, just increase or decrease the tolerance level settings of the tool.

Select all the black background and none of the book. You can then inverse the selection and copy the image of the book.

Make a new image/file and paste it.

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