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By UserDeletedByRequest ·
someone please help me on how to use PHP files

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Yes if you get more specific

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to PHP

If you mean enabling PHP

Google IIS PHP
or Apache PHP
if you mean writing them etc
www.w3schools.com is always a good start.

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Basically i want to make a blog using this


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Presumably you are hosting it yourself?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Hi

First decision
'nix or windows
Then you need to set up a web server, php and mysql
You can google a good deal of help on that, if you choose linux there are some people on here who've forgotten more about it than I'm ever going to know.

Once you've gotten that far then it will be following wordpress's destructions. That shouldn't be too difficult, more a matter of configuration than anything else.

Personally I'd recommend the nix route, even with no background on linux, mysql and apache or perl or PHP for that matter. Installation was an absolute breeze compared to the struggle I had getting it to work under windows.

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i am not hosting myself but the sevrer i am using for the hosting i think is on windows and it does have mysql

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Could be your lucky week

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to No

Starting a new project and they want some visibility so that's a wiki and a blog. And guess whose blog software got picked out by the chief architect!

If you buy a lottery ticket we are going halves. I'm going to get paid for helping you out here.

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My lucky Week

by UserDeletedByRequest In reply to Could be your lucky week

What does this involve me to do then? do you need my direct E-mail address

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You can PM me

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to My lucky Week

with that if you want.
I figured I might put a thread up anyway, there's some interesting and useful stuff and no doubt some of our more 'nix oriented peers will have something to contribute.

Not finding much for wordpress working with IIS, and their site seems geared to hosting through recommended third parties. The software itself gets good reviews though.

Had one of those crap days today where nothing gets achieved through continual interruptions. Did find these to give me a start though.



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What will this do for me?

by UserDeletedByRequest In reply to My lucky Week

what will this software do for me

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