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By bonjournrk ·
I am learning PHP via internet.I came to know that to execute a PHP program, the following is required :
a) Apache server
b) PHP (windows/linux)
c) MySql
Since Oracle is running, I assume that MySql is already present in my com.Now for the PHP downloads, I downloaded PHP at the following site :
I had selected the php-5.1.6.tar download.Im unable to move forward after that.COuld anyone help me out with this issue?

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You need to learn a bit more

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to PHP downloads

MySQL is a database, if you want to do PHP and MySQL you need both. If you want to do PHP and Oracle, you need both of those.
There are several other datbases you could use easily as well, but you will the need modules loaded in apache.

If you google for it look for things like intalling apache on windows or setting up a LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) stack depending on which OS your are using.

If you are starting from scratch under windows.
Get appache in and then just do some basic html pages, learn your way around it.
Then add PHP and do some server side scripting.
Then add the database layer.

You seem to have thrown your yourself directly in the deep end, start in the shallow end, get your toes wet as it were.

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Easy LAMP Setup

by marvins611 In reply to PHP downloads

There are two easy LAMP setups:
1. WAMP2 - This setup of php, apache and mysql installs easily and works well on your WIN PC. I would recommend this install for a beginner.

2. XAMPP - is another good LAMP install. I've used XAMPP on both WIN and Linux machines. It's a little more complicated because a lot more is bundled in the package.

3. On a linux machine, you can use your package manager to download a LAMP install. There are many tutorials on the www for each Linux Distribution (ubuntu fedora core, suse, etc).

More information about LAMP install can be found at:

Good luck!
Best Regards.

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