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    Hello all , excuse i have a problem . I’m designing a website for a customers . He want to create his own data base for user log . So now , the problem is that i want to know to to get all INPUT on mail or password section in my mail . If someone can help ill thx u

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      Nod to

      by rproffitt ·

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      The usual place to hire programmers here is Upwork.

      This is where folk go that don’t want to code.

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      Re: mail

      by kees_b ·

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      As developer of the site, you wouldn’t want to see the input and the passwords of all users in your mailbox, would you? So it’s quite unclear what you want.

      I have to agree with rproffitt. Hire a programmer if you need to program and can’t do it yourself. Only make static websites for your customers, using the
      things you do know (that’s probably html and css).

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      by civilidstatus ·

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      The PHP code checks if the server received a POST request, which typically happens when a form is submitted.
      It retrieves the values of the “name,” “email,” and “message” fields from the form.
      It specifies the recipient’s email address, subject, and headers for the email.
      The mail() function is used to send the email.
      Please make sure to replace “” with your actual email address. Additionally, consider implementing form validation and security measures to prevent misuse, such as input sanitation and verification. This is just a basic example to get you started, and you may want to expand on it to suit your specific requirements.

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