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PHP: Initial programmer

By simple.fatima ·
Well, i m first time going to develop a site with PHP.
I m confuse with languages! is it good to develop a php site with over all php code or must use other scripting languages togather too????

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PHP is server side scripting

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to PHP: Initial programmer

i.e the server executes the script and returns a page to the browser.

If you want client side scripting, then your PHP script would return javascript to execute.

So, it depends.

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What i use with PHP for scripting?

by simple.fatima In reply to PHP is server side script ...

Actually i chosen PHP as platform independent server side language. For dynamic views and animation is suitable to use javascript and CSS as platform indipendent??

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Well they aren't platform independent, they aren't

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What i use with PHP for s ...

eve browser independent. That's just a failed theory that various people want t9o be true.

You might as well use javascript and css client side though, you are going to get much less joy trying to use anything else.

The real split is client server. PHP server side, Javascript Client side.

So if you requested a page with a form on it on your browser.
You could have some javascript validations in there. Then when you hit the submit button, it validates the data then goes to a PHP script on the server (where you validate it again ! ), which processes the form and then returns another web page which may have javascript on it, with the result of processing.

Get a copy of the major browsers, and start testing for compatibility as you develop, it will save you alot of time.

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RE: Well they aren't platform independent, they aren't

by simple.fatima In reply to Well they aren't platform ...

Ok, i've got ur point. But there is another BUT, it is said that PHP is competible with Linux!!
And i have seen that the font style of web pages seems different on Linux explorer?
And also what the AJAX is for?

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PHP is compatible with Apache.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to RE: Well they aren't plat ...

You can get IIS to do it as well. Equally you can get a windows version of Apache.
If you want to deploy to linux boxes (servers !), it's a better choice than ASP.Net

In theory web server and browser are completely decoupled. You can view IIS pages through SeaMonkey on a linux box and PHP pages from Linux Apache in IE.

It's where they go off the beaten track and implement proprietry behaviour that you need or want (SilverLight for instance). You can deploy it from linux, but you'd need two development environments. Generally you will be better off with a homogenous tech choice.

Font choices , rendering, styling are part of browser compatibility nothimng to do with PHP or linux.

Ajax is essentially a way of breaking up a rich (and therefore complex) web page into parts so state can be managed in pieces instead of vast number of cookies or one huge one. It also cuts down the comms burden, ie you instead of having to process and return the entire page each time, you can limit it to the bit that changed. Takes a good bit of thought and careful design though.

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there are other issues with AJAX also

by Jaqui In reply to PHP is compatible with Ap ...

like the wee fact of AJAX breaking screen readers and braille terminals.
these technologies don't play well with content that changes while they are trying to process it.

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Never used it, and to be honest I'd rather not.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to there are other issues wi ...

Massively overhyped kludge as far as I'm concerned.

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