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PHP interacting with html

By jimmy-jam ·
Does anyone know how I can get the value of an html textarea and encode it in a session object in php?

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re: PHP and HTML

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to PHP interacting with html

Use the ID and NAME attributes in the textarea field. You can then access the variable using either _GET or _POST, depending on how you're submitting your form.

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I guess that's where I'm a little confused

by jimmy-jam In reply to re: PHP and HTML

I'm going to prequalify the following statements by saying I am a PHP amateur. I normally use vbscript but for reasons that are somewhat irrelevant that is not an option this time.

The textarea is not contained within form tags. Does it have to be? I did write one simple PHP app before using $_POST so I am some what familiar with what you are referring to. I guess I'm having a a difficult time making the assimilation between what I do in vbscript or even javascript with what I need to do in PHP to access the data.

If I were to say in vbscript I would do something like textbox1.text to get the text or in javascript I would do document.getElelmentById('id'').value to get the same data... how would I do that in PHP?

Am I making any sense?


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