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By starrillo8 ·
I am starting a new project to run though the web. It will be an extranet with an average of 100 transactions per day. It will be used by 10 users. In a few years the sponsor of the project hopes to integrate this application with others institutions, which diffent platforms. I am not sure if start the project using PHP or ASP.NET. I have no experience with them. One of my evaluation point is the hosting which is most common for PHP application with MYSQL. What development tool should I use?

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since one spec is different platforms

by Jaqui In reply to PHP or ASP.NET

you have no real choice, php and a database engine that runs on more than windows. only works on windows systems.
[ MS's asp is a vbscript technology, so it's useless unless you are on windows ]

MySQL is the most common open source database engine, but there are several other open source options, such as sqllite, postgresql, or even use xml flat files as a database.

but the requirement for platforms other than windows means is not an option in the long term.

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to since one spec is differe ...

There is an open source version of .Net called Mono (, which will run on Linux. But, I have to agree with Jaqui, you have no real choice, use PHP and MySQL.

Since both are open source there is really no cost to you. Also, you can download the book PHP 5 Power Programming ( as a PDF free of charge and your good to go.

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re: ASP.NET-Mono

by apotheon In reply to Mono?

Mono's ASP.NET implementations supports two kinds of applications:

* Web Forms (Web Applications infrastructure).
* Web Services (the SOAP-based RPC system).



Work has started in some of the features of 2.x in Mono.

(which means that 2.0 is barely supported at all by Mono at this time)

Yeah, you're both right: PHP/MySQL is the only "real" option out of those two. Of course, Apache with MySQL and mod_perl would be better, and Ruby on Rails might be even better than that (depending on the other project requirements).

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I wasn't

by Jaqui In reply to re: ASP.NET-Mono

even trying to debate the virtues of scripting languge, only the fact that vbscript [ .net] isn't worth using on linux because mono's support isn't anywhere near equal to the current .net framework.

not to mention that mono is buggier than crap right now.
I was looking at it for someone the other day who has an app in asp they want ported to linux server, and it is not a viable option yet at all.

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ASP.NET does not use VBScript

by M_a_r_k In reply to I wasn't

ASP uses VBScript or JavaScript. ASP.NET (note the .NET extension) supports any .NET-capable programming language, including C#, Managed C++, VB.NET, Perl.NET, etc.

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true, but

by Jaqui In reply to ASP.NET does not use VBSc ...

95% of scripts are vbscript.
and the .net framework itself is not usefull unless you are using a microsoft server, for the same reason as the vbscripted asp pages aren't, the open source tools are not sufficient for using this non standard technology.

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by ipashchuk In reply to true, but

I'm not sure where you get this information from :-|. I agree that ASP uses VBScript (which is a subset of Visual Basic). It is true that ASP.Net is backward compatible with ASP, hence ASP code can run under ASP.Net. However, it is not right to say that backward compatibility is the reason most of ASP.Net code is VBScript.

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Backward compatibility between ASP.NET and ASP

by M_a_r_k In reply to true, but

ASP.NET is not backward compatible with ASP. ASP.NET requires the .NET framework. VBScript can be used for ASP.NET (I think) but I don't think any ASP.NET applications use it. All the ones I have seen use JavaScript. This is only for the client-side code. Server side code in ASP.NET requires a .NET compatible language like VB.NET or C#.

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Backward Compatibility

by ipashchuk In reply to true, but


ASP.Net is backward compatible with ASP -- the <% %> and <%= %> code blocks are still recognized. Yes, you would have to tweak the pages a little but it will work (I'm not sure why anyone would want to do this though). The framework also provides a whole Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace for the deprecated VB functions used in ASP (such as CStr, Mid, etc.).

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Igor and Mark are right

by onbliss In reply to true, but

I too would like to see how you arrived at the 95% figure for Like Igor and Mark have said, in ASP.Net the code is written in a .net language, and scripts are mostly used at the client side. I have just used JavaScript in the .net world.

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