PHP System commands

By dr.engnr ·
I'm trying to execute the following system commands throught php:

system("tracert -d | grep "ms" | gawk "{print ($2+$4+$6)/3 \",\" \"\"$8\"^&submit=ReverseIP\" \",\" \"Window2\"}" >> trace.txt");

i'm getting an 'invalid syntax' error. It seems to have to do with the quotes, but they're necessary for the command. Any help is appreciated.


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by dr.engnr In reply to PHP System commands

this is a windows machine with unxutils installed. most unix commands are available.

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Question about gawk

by NetMan1958 In reply to PHP System commands

I didn't know you could post to a web url from within gawk. Are you sure that is possible? I thought you would have to use curl for that.

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by dr.engnr In reply to Question about gawk

it's actually just pulling the individual data i need from the tracert and surrounding the $8 column with url text.

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by NetMan1958 In reply to PHP System commands

Try replacing the double-quotes before tracert and after trace.txt with single quotes. For instance:

system('tracert -d | grep "ms" | gawk "{print ($2+$4+$6)/3 \",\" \"\"$8\"^&submit=ReverseIP\" \",\" \"Window2\"}" >> trace.txt');

I can't test that right now so let me know the results.

edited to add:
see this article

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by dr.engnr In reply to Quotes

This seems to be "better". instead of immediately failing it is processing but no file is exported. I have tried assigning the command to a variable $command and printing it. It can be pasted directly into a prompt and runs fine.

is there a reason anyone can see that >> wouldn't work as written?

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Try This

by NetMan1958 In reply to yeah

system('tracert -d | grep "ms" | gawk "{print ($2+$4+$6)/3 \",\" \"\"$8\"^&submit=ReverseIP\" \",\" \"Window2\" >> trace.txt}"');

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by dr.engnr In reply to Try This

damn. i've tried about every combination of ' and " i can conceive.

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by dr.engnr In reply to Try This

the text file actually gets created using the following code, but it stays empty even though the script appears to be running.
system('tracert -d | grep "ms" | gawk "{print ($2+$4+$6)/3 \",\" \"\"$8\"^&submit=ReverseIP\" \",\" \"Window2\"}" >> H:\WHO-IS.NET\trace.txt ');

any idea what i have to do?

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Output Redirection

by NetMan1958 In reply to strange

Since gawk is what is actually creating the output that you want in the file, you need to move your output re-direction(>> H:\WHO-IS.NET\trace.txt) inside the curly braces.

I don't have PHP running on a windows machine so I can't experiment with it here.

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by dr.engnr In reply to strange

what a p.i.t.a. just figured out what it was. because i am using unxutils i had to copy the grep.exe and gawk.exe into the c:\windows directory as well as system32. even though the commands function correctly when pasted to a prompt i guess the system() command needs all files in both locations...


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