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Php vs .Net

By hashsoftwaremohali ·
Why mostly people go for PHP instead of .Net. And which platform is on high priority.

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Php vs .Net

by angelanna401 In reply to Php vs .Net

PHP is an open source programming language means can be install and use freely .But dot net is a paid package which to be purchased from Microsoft .There are lot of plugins and content management systems are available to support and enhance the php web sites but there are less in dot net compared to PHP.

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PHP vs .Net

by wenso.services In reply to Php vs .Net

PHP is a open source server side scripting language we can install and use it freely and .Net is developed by Microsoft we can buy this software and install,it is a paid package and in PHP we have so many frameworks and CMS but in .Net we have less..

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by hannafrenk In reply to Php vs .Net

You can find a lot about the worthiness of PHP over ASP.NET to debate on, and probably there won’t be an end to this fight. The problem mainly is that both of them are good in their place, but people who have been staunchly using PHP for many years now, some of them for more than a decade, would certainly not like to go for the new ASP.net. The price to be paid is quite high and learning a whole new syntax and getting used to it are some of the reasons why PHP is still so popular.

Unless you are already familiar with the .NET framework or want to stick to Microsoft technologies, there is no apparent need to use ASP.NET over PHP. PHP can do everything that ASP.NET can, and it can do it for free.

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Which should you choose – ASP.NET or PHP?

by hashsoftwaremohali In reply to Php vs .Net

Both ASP.NET and PHP are good programming language. Both are getting equal popularity in market. ASP.NET has some limitation as compared to PHP. PHP is a scripting language and ASP.NET works in frames. As technical point of view, PHP is good as compared to ASP.NET. But in a sense of marketing point of view, both are good. Any of them you can choose for your making career.

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