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By dsraja ·
We are trying to store the result html from the xslt transformation into a file so that we can use it as a static file and we will be updating this static page using crontab.

we have used xslt_process() to perform this xslt transformation.

when I run my code through browser, it is
working properly. But when I run this php
code in linux shell using "php <filename>"(using cron), it was showing this error.

$parser = xslt_create();
$resulthtml=xslt_process($parser, 'arg:/_xml', $this->mTemplate, NULL, $args);

$this->mTemplate variable is having the xsl file name.

Error message
Warning: Wrong parameter count for xslt_process() in abc.php on line 81<br>
(this wrning message is from the email sent by crontab)
Is there any other function in php 4 which we can use for xsl transformation?

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