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    Physical disk limitations in Windows Server 2003 SP2


    by naughtymonkey ·

    I have a server with Windows Server 2003 Standard SP2 with 6 SATA drives and 1 IDE connected on the board and 4 SATA in a RAID array on a card. It only sees 5 drives total. Is there a disk limit in Server 2003 Standard? I can’t find anything online but would like to know before I try to upgrade it to Enterprise.

    All the disks are good and if I disconnect some, the others show up. All display in the BIOS so the board sees them.

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      by naughtymonkey ·

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      Where do they show?

      by normh3 ·

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      First of all, and I apologize if you already know this, the 4 SATA in RAID will not show as individual disks. My assumption is that they are configured as a RAID5 virtual disk.

      Secondly, are you looking for the drives under MYCOMPUTER or are you browsing to ‘Computer Management’ under ‘Administrative Tools’?

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        They all show up….

        by naughtymonkey ·

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        in the BIOS. Only 5 show up in Disk Management. If I disconnect one, one of the missing ones will show up. I am aware that the RAID volume will display as one. The total Windows should see is 8 drives, but it only sees 5.

        I know it limits memory for each edition, but never heard of it limiting physical drives. Was hoping someone could shed some light on it. I have already reinstalled once and I will be trying to upgrade to Enterprise to see if it makes a difference. I may have never tried to put more than 5 drives in a Standard install.

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          by normh3 ·

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          It’s almost as if several of the disks are assigned the same drive letter by the OS. When you remove one, the other shows up.

          As far as I know there is no limitation of the number of spindles that 2003 server can identify and if there is, it’s probably some ridiculously high number.

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