Physical Drive letter does not show in Disk Manager

By ricrayn ·
I have a Windows 2000 server running Raid 5. I noticed the the disk drive letter does not show in disk manager. My backup server must see this drive to complete a backup. Does anyone know how to get the drive letter to appear again. The system otherwise works well.

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by PSer In reply to Physical Drive letter doe ...

Does the drive letter assigned show up in Explorer?

Have you right clicked on the "drive" in the disk Manager to 'assign' a drive letter?

Could you create a share point and use a UNC path for your backups?

Just some thoughts ... it does sound like an unusual problem.

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Drive Shows in Explorer

by ricrayn In reply to Hmmm...

The drive shows as a local drive in windows explorer. The partition shows in disk manager. Howerver, no drive letter shows in volume, and you can't bring up properties for the volume here. This is one of our main file servers and we run 24/7. I would like to be able to get this resolved with no more downtime than a reboot.

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by PSer In reply to Drive Shows in Explorer

is correct. You should be able to right click on the partition in the disk manager and assign a drive letter. Does this not work for you? Something you may wanna check, not sure what Hardware your using but some if not all will usually ship with it's own "Disk Management Software", Dell open array manager ... for example. If Windows is not letting you do what you need to in the DM, you may want to go through any disks that came with your server to see if it came with it's own DM software.

Let us know how it goes ... we'll get ya there ... despite M$!

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Assign a drive letter

by georgelee4 In reply to Physical Drive letter doe ...

While in Disc Manager, right click the drive and click assign a drive letter, this happens sometimes when using thumb drives too!

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by jasenwebster In reply to Physical Drive letter doe ...

I've seen that happen where the drive isn't available to assign to a volume. Rebooting the system should release the letter you need. You may have to go back into Disk Management to assign the correct letter.

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Reboot Doesn't Work

by ricrayn In reply to reboot

The machine has been rebooted a number of times. We think we are going to have to move all the data to another machine, rebuild the drive array and move the data back. A lot of work for what seems like a small problem since the machine otherwise is functioning well. We just can't do normal backups with our disk backup system unless this drive letter is available.

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Nuttin' still, huh?

by PSer In reply to Reboot Doesn't Work

How about the command prompt? Can you CD [Drive letter]? If so , can you Dir and see everything? How about a map or net use to it from another machine? Maybe SUBST to see if you can do some sort of end around for your backup software or maybe use a UNC to a sharepoint?

This is a funcky one for sure!

Much luck to ya!

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