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    Physical handheld keyboard for Samsung phone?

    by computer gary ·

    I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 Star phone. I’d like to get a separate keyboard that I can attach to the phone so I don’t have to use the onscreen keyboard. I’m looking for something I can use when I’m on the go (for example, while walking or riding public transportation) so it would have to be something that would allow me to have one hand free at all times.

    I’m envisioning something that, when connected to the phone, would be like the old Sharp Wizard electronic organizers, which I could hold in one hand while using it, then fold it up and put it in my pocket. (Please note that I’m not referring to, or looking for, a foldable smartphone. Those are too new and too expensive.)

    I’ve done some very minimal research – okay, I saw one demo model in a store, but that’s what prompted me to pursue this line of inquiry – and apparently many of the ones I’ve seen are designed to be used while sitting at a desk, and that doesn’t fall in line with my needs at the present time.

    So: does such a device exist, and if so, are there any recommendations?


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      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to Physical handheld keyboard for Samsung phone?

      I am not promoting a specific product and I cannot think of a specific make/model, but try doing a search for “Thumb pad”. I have seen them online elsewhere and the keypad connects to the phone via a Bluetooth connection.

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      Reply To: Physical handheld keyboard for Samsung phone?

      by rproffitt ·

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      There are TOO MANY small Bluetooth keyboards. These have been paired with numerous Android phones and it’s more likely you’ll feel like you are taking a sip from the firehose over just how many small bluetooth keyboards there are today.
      Well, at least here in the USA. In other words, OVER CHOICE.

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