Physical Memory vs Available and system cache

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my notebook had 512MB memory so I added another 512MB chip. "My computer" recognises the upgrade, BUT Windows Task manager-performance says:
Physical Memory 1038768
Available 274168
System Cache 335728
My notebook is slow in starting etc and I wonder if it is NOT reading the upgrade.

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Your system is reading it alright...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Physical Memory vs Availa ...

Physical Memory 1038768
Available 274168
System Cache 335728

You physical Memory is almost 1 GB, which actually is 1048576 KB.

Have you adjusted your Pagefile yet?

Windows is renowned for being stupid enough to not automatically adjust the Pagefile.

Go to Start > rightclick My Computer > Properties > Advanced > click on Settings in 'Performance' > Advanced.

Click to set 'No Paging File' and let the system dump the Pagefile - by clicking 'Apply' and coming back out to your desktop.

Run the navigation steps above once more, this time click to set 'System Managed'.

Shut down and re-boot.

Windows will now be aware of your new memory size and adjust the pagefile accordingly.

Ofcourse, what you have available (27416 very much depends on what your system was running when you invoked Task Manager.

<Edited for missing step>

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