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Physically damaged harddrive

By virtuosity14 ·
I have a 40GB Maxtor harddrive that accidentally falls on the floor and I've tried connecting it to my PC again but the harddrive makes a noise (sounds like spinning problem) and tried accessing the drive but it didn't respond. So I tried downloading a utility pgm (Maxblast) but it didn't fix the problem. Is there any possible solution for this problem? Please help?

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re Hard Drive

by Black Panther In reply to Physically damaged harddr ...

There are some places that might be able to help you that specialise in retrieving data but you will have to pay.

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by JamesRL In reply to Physically damaged harddr ...

If your hard disk is making a noise, then running it could be damaging the platters storing your information. Stop running the drive. Now.

If you really need the data, then pay a firm. They can dissemble the drive and move the platters onto another drive. Don't try this at home unless you have a class 1 clean room, because if you open up a drive and get dust inside, you will make it worse.

If you don't need the data, then just buy a new one.


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thanx anyway

by virtuosity14 In reply to NOISE=BAD

so there's no possible solution that my harddrive would be bring back to life!

actually, i don't need the data i just want the harddisk be repaired!

thanx a lot anyway!

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Don't trust a bad HD

by JamesRL In reply to thanx anyway

If you don't need the data, its alot cheaper just to buy a new drive.


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Driving your car into a telephone pole at 50 MPH

by In reply to thanx anyway

Dear Friend...

Dropping your HDD on the floor is like driving your car into a telephone pole at 50 MPH. It has serious damage inside and should be retired.


-----Steve Jackson

Software Corporation (Softcorp)
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Best solution !

by vinaypatki In reply to Physically damaged harddr ...

I read all comments. As you dont want your data, then that good, you can open the harddisk. I had done it previously by arranging a dust free glass chamber or like that (eg. fishpot).
Though after opening, there will be no vaccum, but that may help you. Myne HD was not working at all. I opened it and just played with Head (but carefully). It worked.
My be that harddisk head will be parked, then nothing will happen to HD surface. Just check whether it is jam or not.



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