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    Physically Destroying a P.C. over Internet…Possible?


    by bolatium ·

    A friend and I were discussing that in some newer P.C.’s, that you can upgrade your bios from Windows, without any special hardware. We also discussed over-clocking. I came up with this idea, and it’s kind of out there, but it is scary. What if someone intending to do harm found your bios model and version, modified it so that it would send a much higher voltage to your CPU or another component? Could they write a program or modify a previous one to flash the new “Evil Bios” to the CMOS? Could they set the voltage high enough to destroy a component before the machine shuts down automatically? And finally, could they write the program into a virus to replicate this program, and also send it to other machines. This is not very likely to happen… But what if it did?

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