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Pick alternatives to application synonyms

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's Oracle newsletter describes how to choose alternatives for public and private synonyms.

Do you use alternatives for public and private synonyms? Which alternative do you prefer? Please share your thoughts.

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Less synonyms is better - here's how we do

by bogdincescu In reply to Pick alternatives to appl ...

An application using Oracle IAS we developed doesn't need synonyms for each application user. There is one Oracle user that is the owner of the tables and procs and one oracle user that is used for connecting the IAS. The application users are authenticated by passwords encrypted and stored in a table. The IAS-connected user cannot directly insert/update/delete the tables, but accesses them through views and stored procs.

For reports (but not only that) in Excel, that connects through ADO 2.0, I have made a dumb user that sees only some temporary tables and can only execute procs in a package. It is tha package that executes the statements for the reports (using the params passed from the .xls) and puts the data in the temporary tables, passing to Excel the SQL statement that retrieves the data from the temporary table and telling it where to put it (sheet and top-left cell).

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Also functions returning record sets

by swstephe In reply to Less synonyms is better - ...

With ADO 2.0, you can also pass a record set back from a function to avoid the temporary table. The function, if owned by the table owner avoids synonyms and can constrain the results of the query programatically. It makes code a lot cleaner to put the database code in the database and only have a bunch of interface entry points outside the database.

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