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Picking on the Top Dog

By Jack_Swayze ·
Why did we (the US) just have the WTC and Pentagon attacked?

Most likely just because we are the 'top dog' when it comes to being a nation.

By the responses in a very recent, popular, discussion, a lot of us are guilty of picking on the 'top dog' in software, (in my opinion) just because they are the 'top dog'.

Sending out worms, viruses, and trojan horses that take advantage of less-than-bullet-proof code in MS operating system is NO LESS a crime than what just happened in NY and DC.
Those who justify their actions regarding worms, viruses, and trojan horses are no less a terroist than the kamakazi fanatics that did this to us as a nation.

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Poor Jack

by larryq In reply to Picking on the Top Dog

I'm underwhelmed by the mind set of some people with access to technology - being "top dog" has nothing to do with religious zelots killing innocent people in the name of "god" - whatever supreme being or spirit overlooking our "civilization" may welcome the souls of the departed and refuse rest for those masters of murder. Enough said - back to M$ - can anyone remember: the number of word processing programs of the past - MS Word came out at 25% of the competition (how much is it now??)- Navigator breaks out only to be run over by the Explorer SUV - C compliers street priced from $25 are now M$ priced? . . . economic terrorism like all forms of terrorim comes in many forms. Ever wonder why "Live Free or Die" was the warcry of Linux?

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Jack - you're over the edge on this one

by McKayTech In reply to Picking on the Top Dog

To equate what happened in New York City and DC with Microsoft's troubles is an extremely far stretch and requires assigning moral equivalence to war and business, among other troubling aspects of that line of thinking.

What happened today was anovert act of war and was not, in my opinion, related to our "top dog" status as a nation. I am not going to speculate on the nations, persons or motives behind this attack, but think it likely that it will eventually be shown to be related to one of the regional wars in which we've subtly engaged ourselves and was designed to cause us to disengage from that conflict. Not because we're "top dog" but because we've chosen involvement in various intractable conflicts.

And I would disagree vehemently that writing a Code Red worm is a crime on a par with the murder of tens of thousands of people. Assets are just assets and it is only life itself that I hold sacred; to the best of my ability to determine there has been no loss of life froma virus, worm or trojan horse. To make such an assertion is such an absurdity that I hope it was done purely for the purpose of stimulating discussion and/or provoking outrage at a situation we are all struggling to get our minds around.


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