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My husband knows more about these things than I but he's not home right now! I really really really need these pictures and videos back.. my husband reinstalled vista and it wiped out all my pics from my documents. they are no where to be found is there any way i can get them back? i've tried several data recovery systems but none work. just the trials online. please help our youngest is 8 months and all the pics from her first food to her first sit first smile everything is gone!
please help me!

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by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to PICTURE RECOVERY WHEN WIP ...

I hope this works for you...

Perform a search for all .JPG files on your system.

1. Go to Start - Search for Files & Folders.
2. In the 'Search for files or folders named' field, type '*.jpg' (without the quotes). The asterisk is a wildcard.
3. In the 'Lookin' field, make sure the C drive is selected (assuming that is your primary hard drive).
4. In the Search Options section, put a check in front of 'Advanced Options' and also put a check in front of 'Search system folders', 'Search hidden files and folders' and 'Search Subfolders.'
5. Hit the Search Now button.

This will find and list all .JPG picture files that are found on your system. When it is done searching, you will need to open a bunch of them, if not all, to see if you can find the pictures you are looking for.

If they do not show up in this extensive search, then they have been removed. Unfortunately, with a operating system installation, they were most likely over-written and are un-recoverable.
I wish I had better news for you.

Check with your husband to see if he performed a backup prior to the install.
I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Good Luck.

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ouch..that's right

by hilaryarmstrong_13 In reply to Ouch!

no he didn't he thought he transfered them over. but i guess he didn't.. i tried that already also.. so there is no way at all the recovery systems won't work either? i am soo sad!!! thank you for you help god bless!

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by hilaryarmstrong_13 In reply to Ouch!

is there a backup on windows vista?

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Backup Info

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to backup?

Sorry to hear.

Here's a M$ page that will give you all the info and instructions on performing backups in Vista:

Perhaps your husband can figure out where he put the pictures and fix his boo-boo. ;-)

Good Luck

Glad I could help.

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Look for a windows.old folder

by jwolff In reply to PICTURE RECOVERY WHEN WIP ...

If it was a vista reinstall, the ones I have done have rolled up the prior windows install and put it in a folder called windows.old on your main operating system drive. If the drive was freshly formatted prior to the reinstall, you might be out of luck.

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I have the same issue

by hoshahrokhi In reply to PICTURE RECOVERY WHEN WIP ...

Hi there,
were u able to recover your baby's pics?
Pls pls,let me know .I lost all the pics that I had from my baby,she is 3 now.


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Most Important

by dogknees In reply to PICTURE RECOVERY WHEN WIP ...

If Husband knows about these things, don't make any changes at all until he gets back. You could easily make the situation worse! The files may be recoverable right now, but just trying things without understanding what your doing could make them go away permanently.

If you seriously want/need the photos back, it might be worth spending some money with a professional data recovery company.

Good Luck

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Photo recovery

by jamespdavid In reply to PICTURE RECOVERY WHEN WIP ...

Hi, First of all I want to say you that there is no any manual method by which you can recover or repair damaged or corrupted images files. If you have backup file of those deleted pictures then restore your deleted images using the backup file. If backup file is not available then there is only one way to get back deleted picture is to use some best and effective photo recovery program.

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