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    Pictures in Access


    by gcheels ·

    I would like to put pictures in a access table and view them on a form. There will be a picture for each records (like an employee picture for each employee record). Is there an easier way to do this other than clicking on Insert-Object from the menu, then browse for the file. I would like to bypass the menu options and go directly to the dialog box (and have it automatically point to the folder the images are stored in)…ie, I also don’t want to have to specify what type of pictures it is (MS Powerpoint, MS Excel, MS Photo Editor, etc). I’m thinking that a button below the image would work fine. Thanks.

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      by illilli ·

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      Create a form with a picture object on it. Create a table with fields such as PictureID, Picture Name and Picture FilePath. Picture FilePath should contain the full file path to the picture.

      Create another form with a combo box that has a query that gets the PictureID and Picture Name.

      In this combo box’s After_Update:

      1. Find the full path and file name.
      2. Open the form with the picture object in it.
      3. Set the picture object to the file path of your picture.

      This is a brief overview of how to view pictures with a form. I’m pressed for time now, but I can give you a more detailed example if you need it later.

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      by gcheels ·

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