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PIGS are going bankrupt

By Dr Dij ·
a mirror image of what is happening in the US if we don't cut spending

They may break up the EU so that they can print their own money more easily and slide quicker into oblivion.

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Dr Dij.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to PIGS are going bankrupt

You have a way with a title. B-)


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Erm true to an extent

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to PIGS are going bankrupt

Must say Mr Buchanon successfully got right up my nose though.

Chuck out a few statements that back up a pitifully obscured personal agenda.

You do know Eire is catholic right?

No abortions, they get them on ships in international waters, if they can save up enough money to pay for it, which is hard because their manufacturing was swapped for service ecomomy, so people with the american dream could make another euro!

Europeans fell in to materialism. From an american, are you f'ing kiddin' me.

You guys sell religion on TV and start wars in countries full of oil over it, ffs.

Most of the massive recent increase in public spending in europe, coupled with the now ever rising need to regain control of the deficit was down to the global financial crisis which started where exactly?

Who was the fisrt on the bail out trail, who has borrowed massively when they already had a massive deficit, and why?

Pot and Kettle or what?

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Erm true to an extent

We fell into materialism first. That means we get to poke fun of everyone who follows. ]:)

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We're on an unsustainable path

by AV . In reply to PIGS are going bankrupt

Soon we won't be able to borrow our way out of it and we'll be forced to cut spending.

If we got out of Iraq, that would be a start.


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