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PII1 133mhz in 100mhz Mother board

By blinderman ·
need to know if a PII with a clock speed of 133mhz will work in a 100mhz mother board

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Wrong forum

by TheChas In reply to PII1 133mhz in 100mhz Mot ...

First, this type of question is better asked in the Technical Q&A forum.

Now, if memory serves me correctly, the slowest PII chip was a 233MHz with a 66MHz front side bus.

The fastest was a 550 MHz with a 100 MHz FSB.

I don't recall the PIII's even using a 133 FSB, as Intel was pushing RAMBUS memory for the PII's.

So, what specific processor and motherboard do you have?

Have you checked the motherboard manufactures web site for a list of supported processors?

Best wishes,


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While Chas is correct

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Wrong forum

If it is a decent M'Board the CPU should work but only at 100 MHZ so you'll see some funny clock speeds.

The cheap all in one M'Board are however a different story as most likely it will not work.

But for your info Intel made P11 up to 450 MHZ at 100 MHZ FSB and the P111 came either in 100 or 133 FSB models no matter weather they where socket 370 or slot 1. However just to confuse the matter further Intel did make P11's in the 450 MHZ speed and worked up from there.

Provided that you are talking about the Coppermine core you'll have no problems that's up to 1 GIG but anything above that will burn out the CPU as they started using a different architecture above the 1 GIG speed. Of course none of the above applies to the Celeron range.


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Sorry that should have read

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to While Chas is correct

Intel did make P111's in 450 MHZ as well.

Most of the M'Boards used SDRAM but if you have one that uses ECC RAM forget it as they will only work with what the maker suggests.

The RDRAM only came into popular usage with the advent of the P4's and even then you could find some cheap M'Boards still using SDRAM that was before the socket 470 became the standard however.


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