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By Michael Jay ·
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The pile grows

by Michael Jay In reply to Pile on
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And I wonder why

by Michael Jay In reply to Pile on

this is a good thing?

Not really, we can pile on off-line or on, seriously it would seem better to stay on-line but that is just a perception.

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Guess this has been well

by Michael Jay In reply to And I wonder why

thought out, but I am still on-line.

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It is kinda weird, huh? (nt)

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Pile on
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Just tried to do it again

by Michael Jay In reply to It is kinda weird, huh? ...

and it vanished, I will try again.

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Weird, no

by Michael Jay In reply to It is kinda weird, huh? ...

silly, Yes, why would I want to leave the thread? No reason is reasonable. I have seen cases where people move their topic back to the left as they have a problem with the vertical posting, but to just abandon the thread is insane.

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I don't get it - where is it "online"?

by seanferd In reply to Pile on

I only see it in the Cooler, Hogan.

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Sean,could you go and take something offline

by Michael Jay In reply to I don't get it - where is ...

I just tried twice and they both disappeared.

30 days in the cooler for trying to break TR, You know the rules here.

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I just pushed the wrong button

by Michael Jay In reply to Sean,could you go and tak ...

Twice, just to prove how confused I am, but taking it off line is so wrong, you should be able to post to the thread from the last legal spot, right?

Going to the Cooler is too silly, the thread should not be broken no mater how off topic it gets. That is the social effect of on line communications, the conversation may mutate, let it. It is a good thing.

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OK, I think I'm getting it.

by seanferd In reply to I just pushed the wrong b ...

But I can't track it. I mean. the layout is so confusing that I'm too lazy to even test. Heck, I can't even be sure I've found the OP in a given thread. And I'm not up to charting this. I'm more likely to be finding and identifying DNA sequences that code one thing or another, and how well the sequences have been conserved.

So let me check on the story, as I'll have to integrate this anecdotally, not empirically.

If you click "take offline", what all goes to the Cooler? Or is the behavior still in shakedown, and inconsistent at times? Is it just your post? Is it the post to which you reply? If the latter, is there a copy in Thread Normal <i>and</i> Thread Cooler? Or does it move or copy the entire thread Offline?

See? This is forcing me to work it out, when I wanted to be spoon-fed.

Do I have this right?
<i>The pile grows</i> was Taken Offline (=Cooler), and the thread is entitled <i>Pile on</i> owing to the post from which it branched, but without any of said post's content. And the post is from original thread <i>Un-Official poll: Is thread-jacking to be frowned upon?</i>.

Then, the upshot is that a) there are then multiple threads, which you and others find to be intellectually lacking, and b) unexpected disappearances where taking offline <i>really</i> take the post(?) out of the forum and into some bit bucket?

Correct me and let me know what I'm missing, if you can spare the time and brainache. :)

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