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    by estela ·

    I’m trying to identify an IP address that my workstations are trying to communicate with during the middle of the night. Is there a ping command that would tell me who the IP address belongs to?

    i.e.: ping will give me googles ip address.

    What syntax gives me the site associated with an ip address?

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      by estela ·

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      by willywarmer ·

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      ‘pong’.This usually works for me

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        Couple of things to try

        by mr.wiz ·

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        Try WHOIS that will tell you who owns the IP address. Also try TRACERT and that can give you additional helpful information.

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        smart git

        by neilb@uk ·

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        Well, I think you’d like to hope we think so…

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      A few ways to go

      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to Ping will let you scan who it is, provided it is a legit site. If it isn’t, it will be running in stealth and you won’t get anything on it.

      You can also download netinfo or LANguard and run scans from that.

      If it comes back a site, not biggie. If it doesn’t, worry.

      Also, install ZoneAlarm. It will control what can and can’t access the internet.

      Most likely it is one of your apps updating normally.

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      ping -a ipaddress

      by neilb@uk ·

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      will resolve the address if it’s in the ARP cache and is a local host.

      If it’s an internet host, I agree with jdclyde, go to the site he listed or and type the ip address in the tracert, DNS or Whois boxes and see what comes up. It’s a UK site but we let foreigners use it…


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