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Ping and some Remote Administration functions don't work in Win XP SP2

By helpdesk ·
We noticed that about 95% of our desktop units on the floor are not pingable. At the same time we noticed that we cannot utilize certain remote functions such as RDP. Since we generally utilize PC Anywhere for remote support it hasn't been an issue. However, we're now looking at new software that is affected by this. We've checked some machines to make sure that Simple TCP/IP Services are started, Remote Administration is turned on, NetBIOS is enabled and File and Printer Sharing Services are installed. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Seems a bit too obvious but

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Ping and some Remote Admi ...

XP's firewall ?

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by StefDK In reply to Ping and some Remote Admi ...

If you turn of the Windows firewall you can ping.
If you keep the firewall active you can tell it that your Remote software is allowed to pass the firewall. Just add it to your allowed software in the firewall via Control panel(It works for Real VNC).

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by ward In reply to Ping and some Remote Admi ...

Three in a row, but yeah, when I think about SP2 I think about the firewall. And Ping and RDP are disabled by default, you have to enable them. This is really a very common task for every new machine that we get going on the network.

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ICMP is disabled by default in SP2

by Dr.RED In reply to XP SP2

Go through Control Panel/Windows Firewall, choose the Advanced tab and go to the ICMP section and choose "Settings". Check the box that says "Allow incoming echo requests". That should allow you to ping that machine.

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First thing we checked before anything else

by helpdesk In reply to ICMP is disabled by defau ...

It certainly should work, but the system that are pingable/remote controllable don't have this done to them so it appears to be something else causing the hiccup. We can try that, but for our new rollouts we're looking at the same issue. Does anyone know of anything else that might be blocking it. Thanks much.

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Now we get pings but no Remote Desktop

by helpdesk In reply to Ping and some Remote Admi ...

Making the change to Windows Firewall does now allow pings but enabling Remote Desktop still does not work. Looks like whatever the inherent problem initially is still there. As I mentioned, other systems that have not had exceptions and enabled, etc. do work correctly with pings and remote desktop. Not sure what we're missing on these problem builds

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Check the RPC Service

by richard.t.stevens In reply to Now we get pings but no R ...

SP2 sets the RPC service to use the NT Authority account instead of the System Account. If you set the RPC service to use the System Account and then reboot, you'll be able to access the machine remotely. Other problems caused by the RPC service not using the System Account is that you cannot get into Disk Administrator nor can you access Network Connnections

Just our experiences, hope it helps you


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Error Message

by copam In reply to Check the RPC Service

What error message do you get when you try to remote desktop?

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