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Ping and Tracert

By supportoranges ·
I recently set up a router for a small business in another city. I entered a static IP address of the external interface as directed by the ISP. I also entered the Default Gateway as directed by the ISP. From home I get responses to ping and tracert for the Default Gateway. For the static IP address ping does not reply. For the static IP address tracert starts but times out. Tracert in this case starts out by saying "tracing route to [XXX.XXX.XX.XX] (xs and str replace real name for privacy reasons)".
Questions: Why is tracert timing out? If the internet address of the router is a public ip address, why can't I tracert to it? I have no trouble tracert to DNS servers or gateway related to the external Ip address of the router.

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by Aakash Shah In reply to Ping and Tracert

This may be a security feature in your router. Routers can be set up to NOT reply to ping. This avoids hackers from identifying your router by mass ping sweeps. Check your router if it is set to respond to ping requests.

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by supportoranges In reply to Ping and Tracert

the router (Linksys BEFSX41)
has the following settings:
Firewall protection enabled, block anonymous internet requests enabled, filter multicast disabled, filter Internet NAT Redirection Disabled, Filter IDENT(Port 113) Enabled

Block anonymous internet requests - would that setting be enough to disable a tracert?

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by curlergirl In reply to Ping and Tracert

It is more likely that your ISP is blocking ICMP packets than that the router is doing it. Many ISP's do this. You can ping the default gateway, because that is one of the ISP's routers, but you can't ping your router because ICMP packets are being block at the ISP's router (i.e., the default gateway). You can test this by looking at the tracert results. If the last response comes from one of your ISP's IP addresses and everything times out after that, then what I described is what is happening.

Hope this helps!

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by supportoranges In reply to

Thank you so much. Your answer makes sense and clears my confusion about IP addresses that I thought were 'public'.

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by supportoranges In reply to Ping and Tracert

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