Ping command not working

By akmjn ·
Dear all

Its strange for me that Suddenly on my laptop windows XP only ping command not working! I tried replacing ping.exe file but no lucks, is ther any specific problem..(virus or bug)?


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I think we need more information

by Tig2 In reply to Ping command not working

Ping is ping. If it fails, that tells you that there is something amiss with your network.

Please provide more specific information.

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Sure its not network problem..

by akmjn In reply to I think we need more info ...

I am sure its not network problem its windows ping exe problem....when i type ping n IP address its just comes out no error nothing.....

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what is the 'n' for?

by The Scummy One In reply to Sure its not network prob ...

shouldnt it be '-n'?

Also, are you doing it from the command prompt, or from start -- run? If doing it from the run command it will flash by too quick to read.

open up a command prompt, then type
ping -n %ipaddress%

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still same problem.

by akmjn In reply to what is the 'n' for?

Dear All ..

I cheked all that u sugested but stil the same this a virus ..

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Are you sure you replaced the file correctly

by ComputerCookie In reply to still same problem.

A search for ping on an XP Pro OS should yield;

ping.exe - 18KB
ping6.exe - 33KB
pathping.exe - 21KB

Should be located at \Windows\system32 and \Windows\system32\dllcache. Ping files and sizes vary from 2003 Server.

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by akmjn In reply to Are you sure you replaced ...

all three file with same name and size are there.

I am thinking of reinstalling XP...wat do u think.

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try this

by The Scummy One In reply to still same problem.

start - run
type cmd.exe

a Dos box should open up. In the Dos box type


What displays?

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by akmjn In reply to try this

nothing is hapening no error nothing.
just going to next line without any error.

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What happens when you

by w2ktechman In reply to chekd

In a command prompt type:

ipconfig /all

Does it show an ip address, or does it show that you are disconnected or error?

If it shows disconnected, re-install the network card, delete it in device manager, then detect go to action -- scan for changes
re-install it. It is best to download the latest drivers for it.

If not, try running this command
netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

This should reset tcp/ip parameters (registry entries).

Did that help? If not, then it looks like we need to disable TCP/IP and re-install it. This means going into the registry and removing entries, then re-installing tcp/ip. Please try the others first and post back.

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by mr.sweetchuck In reply to Ping command not working

How's the NIC? Do you have normal web/ ethernet connectivity? If not, that may be the problem. Double check the drivers. Also check the Ethernet cabel/ port. Maybe try pinging over wireless to make sure it's not one of the above.

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