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Ping problems

By timpress ·
I am currently having a problem with one workstation on our 100 user network. The problem is that there is a mail server on the network which all users need to access. All other users can access fine it and it users the TCP/IP and NETBeui protocols.When you connect to it from any PC it is ok, but the problematic workstation can't connect and cannot ping this mail server although it can ping any other machines on the network. When you look into network neighbourhood you can see the mail server but it is slow to access. When you remove NETBeui from the workstation it will not access the mail server via network neighbourhood at all. TCP/IP is configured as the main protocol at the top of the bindings list and as mentioned pinging works fine to other equipment.
I have reinstalled all protocols etc but the problem has not changed. All other machines can access the mail server in a timely manner.
Has anybody got any ideas?

Many thanks

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Replace your NIC

by mikko.pellinen In reply to Ping problems

We had similar problems with two NT WS
in our network. Replacing NIC worked with other macine but the other had to be completely re-installed.

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Try this

by jmoss In reply to Ping problems

Try changing the friendly name in network control panel. If that don't work, what you might do is remove the NIC device in network control panel and reinstall it. If not remove everything from the Network Control Panel. Then remove the NIC from your Device Manager. After that completely remove the card from the system itself. Reboot with the card out. Check Network to see if anything is in their. If so remove it. Shutdown and replace card. On the boot when Windows picks up the card, give it a new set of drivers that you would get off the internet. Reinstall everything you need to the network control panel. That might fix it. If not check with the server and see if it may be giving out rights to that system.

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Why are you using NetBeui?

by rzan In reply to Ping problems

Why are you using NetBeui? It causes a storm of broadcast traffic on your network. Remove it ASAP, since its original implementation was for really small networks. Any network above 10 nodes should use either TCP/IP or IPX/SPX. As far as pingingis concerned, check your TCP/IP setting, make sure that you have the subnet mask and default gateway set correctly. If that still doesn't work, see if there is a patch for the protocol stack. I know that Windows 95 had a serious bug in TCP/IP and its ability to get DHCP assigned addresses. Microsoft has an WS2Bakup batch file which patched the winsock 2.0 files on Windows 95 OSR2. You failed to provide enough information about your network in order to solve the problem. If you wish, email me directly with some more detail and I should be able to assist you.

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Check your hub/switch

by larryherrmann In reply to Ping problems

What kind of Hub/Switch are the two devices connected to? Have you tried rebooting the Hub/Switch that the server and workstation are connected to?
I have had a similiar problem with Bay equipment. It seems to loose the ability to send traffic between certain ports.

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ping problems

by jgould In reply to Ping problems

if the other responses don't do it, see if there is a hosts file on the problem machine or mail server that may contain an incorrecy ip entry for the mail server. In any case dump the netbeui, you shouldn't need it.

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I pinged name server and after ...

by fr.mac In reply to ping problems

I pinged host.The ping of host I had aswered, but the ping of name server I hadn?t aswer. Why?.

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by brenda_polk In reply to Ping problems

Did you get this problem resolved? If so, what was the solution? I am having a similar problem and would love to get some guidance.

Thank You

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Sorry, Brenda but I didn?t have the solu

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Resolved?

I would like to know what is differences between to ping host and to ping name server.Why ping host I have aswer and I ping name server I don?t have aswer.

Thank you too.

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