Ping Problems

By allan.kendall ·
I am running SBS2003. All the machines on my domain have static IP addresses assigned to them. All the PC's cant access all netowkr resources etc as expected, however I cannot ping every machine. Some of them time out.

Why is that? Does anyone know?

If I ping a machine is simply times out, some machines reply no problem. I ran IPSCAN from the server and only 10 machines out of 25 came back with full computer name info etc. The reast just reported back their IP addresses and that was it. Wierd problem.

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by scott_langshaw2 In reply to Ping Problems


Do you have DNS or DHCP installed on your server??


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by allan.kendall In reply to DNS & DHCP

Yes we have dns setup. My network uses static IPs not DHCP.

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by shasca In reply to Ping Problems

Make sure it isn't disabled, or being blocked. Two places to check.

This happens because, by default, Windows Firewall blocks all Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) traffic. When someone pings your computer, an ICMP Echo message (also known as an Echo Request message) is sent to your computer; your computer sends back an ICMP Echo Reply message to the computer that sent the ICMP Echo message. By default, Windows Firewall discards the incoming ICMP Echo message. To configure your computer so that it does not discard ICMP Echo messages and can respond with ICMP Echo Reply messages, you must configure Windows Firewall to allow incoming echo traffic.

To allow incoming echo request traffic
Open Windows Firewall, and then click the Advanced tab.

In ICMP, click Settings.

In the ICMP Settings dialog box, select the Allow incoming echo request check box.

If you have routing and remote access setup just open it up and go to
NAT/BasicFirewall, double click the network card for the external ipaddress,
go to
ICMP and you will have the choice to disable or able incoming echo request.

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by allan.kendall In reply to ping

Thank you, that is something that I shall try.

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