ping script to email if server fails

By Danny_teal ·

Im looking for a script that will ping a list of servers (preferably in a text file) continuously unless there is no response, i.e the server is down. If there is no response I would like an email to be sent to specific people. If the message and subject can be changed that would be another great advantage.

I have looked around some forums but cant seem to find one that works as I want and the free software that?s available cant be used in our work environment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



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servers alive

by Wizard-09 In reply to ping script to email if s ...

Servers alive is a free tool for upto 10 servers and does what you need I use it in my work place and emails you if your servers or server is down.

Please mark as helpful if this helps you

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by Danny_teal In reply to servers alive

thanks for the reply but im looking for something thats free and script based..

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by Wizard-09 In reply to thanks

It is script based plus it's free it's what you asked for if you look :-p

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by Danny_teal In reply to mmmm

ah thanks for that!
sorry i had a quick look on the website and it looked like you had to buy.
will try this tomorrow when ive got five minutes!
thanks again!

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no problem

by Wizard-09 In reply to ah

next time look before u jump lol

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by Jay217 In reply to servers alive

this is the app that I use, the paid version is cheap and can do SMS too!

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good software

by alashhar In reply to servers alive

if i installed the server alive in one server in my network.

what happen if that server is down?
what happen if Proxy server is down, after that how i can receive the notif. email?

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by Danny_teal In reply to good software

ever server you install it on that needs to be online. if the one its installed on goes down. down goes your network monitoring.

i am using exchange to alert us which is good so long as exchange is up!
im still looking for a scripting solution...

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just had a

by Danny_teal In reply to ping script to email if s ...

look at the server alive and its just what we need. however, it can only run 10 clients.
we are looking for free software if possible.
anyone else have any ideas?

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by Wizard-09 In reply to just had a

Many servers are you looking to monitor?

Surely to god you don't have more than ten email servers?

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