Ping with Time and Date Stamp

By ali.abbass ·
Hi, I have been looking for a batch or vbscript to monitor ping response in either text/csv/xls file. I need to do ping test for a week continuously to monitor bandwidth behavior.


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by Chris910 In reply to Ping with Time and Date S ...

It is kind of crude and the file will be very large but it works. It will ping 1000 times and insert a timestamp then ping 1000 more times untill you use CTL-C or close the command window. your information will be in the Text.Txt file.
Ping -n 1000 >text.txt

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ping batch

by ali.abbass In reply to Batch

Thanks Chris,

but it did stop asking new date, after terminating batch file a minute.

how ever i found one vbs script from microsoft site.

i ran this script with csscript pingtest.vbs >> test.csv

but my demand is increased, now looking to put graphical view too! :)

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to Ping with Time and Date S ...

You can't monitor bandwidth by pinging. You can install BitMeter on server (Proxy) if possible. Google BitMeter.

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Ping Graph

by ali.abbass In reply to BitMeter

Thanks Bhai! :)

what about this one?

has anyone tried it?

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Non Batch method

by Chris910 In reply to Ping with Time and Date S ...

This is the tool that I use to monitor bandwidth and availability on my networks.

It is Free and takes just a few minutes to set up.


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by ali.abbass In reply to Non Batch method

thanks Chris,

MRTG is bandwidth usage graph, but i want to see ping graph.


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Take a look at this...

by Alvarito_UY In reply to MRTG

Maybe gets near to what you are looking for.
Besides that, read on MRTG as a graph tool, forget the word 'router'... a new world of easy graphing opens up!
Cheers, Alvaro.

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sounds suspiciously like ping of death

by CG IT In reply to Ping with Time and Date S ...

bandwidth is your total capacity.

Throughput is actual bandwidth taking in consideration X conditions of the line.

latency is the X conditions such as a router in the path with lower response, overheads etc.

speed is simply how fast traffic going from point A to B on available bandwidth.

your continious ping test will send ping packets to a destination and cause congestion in the line [more overhead] and not only that cause latency because the routers in the path have to process the ping packets which cause higher CPU utilization. If you ping a router enough, you can cause it to use up most of it's resources processing the ping packets.

So that does nothing for monitoring you bandwidth. If anything gives you a false reading of available bandwidth, throughput and latency as the ping packets are causing lower throughput and higher latency.

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Re: sounds suspiciously like ping of death

by ali.abbass In reply to sounds suspiciously like ...

Thanks, Yes you are right that is extra over head, but the purpose of this ping test to measure actual time of reaching, and of course this test would be use randomly.

But i totally agree with your point. :)

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